Guide on Investing in the Right Commercial Property in Thane

Guide on Investing in the Right Commercial Property in Thane

20 May 2021

Property size, layout, location, facilities, structural requirements, parking, etc. are the points to contemplate while choosing commercial property in Thane. It depends completely on the nature of your business which type of property is suitable for your goods and services to hold. Investing in the ideal commercial property in thane will go a long way towards determining the success of your company. Here are some points to consider while choosing commercial property in Thane:


Commercial property in a favorable location bolsters the reputation of a firm which in turn increases the visibility of the firm to its clients, partners, and other businesses. The capital appreciation of a prime office property in Thane is reflected on a company's balance sheet. Owning a good commercial property is better for corporation potential and returns on investment. 


Operational costs

Make sure to evaluate the security, water, and electricity costs when looking at the commercial property in Thane. A building that has LED lighting instead of floodlights will end up saving thousands of dollars. List out the operational costs before agreeing to sign the lease.


Finding the right size of space will welcome the company’s growth over the years. If the space is too big, a portion of the area is wasted on vacant space. Unlikely, acquiring a small realm might imply moving to another place before the lease is up, which results in unnecessary downtime costs.

To avoid these scenarios, searching for property in Thane with extra units is good so that one could use it when the need emerges. And there is always the option of renting it out when it is not required.

Legal considerations

Documentation plays a vital role in an investment deal. Sale deed, Khata Certificate, Mother Deed, Building Approval Plan, Encumbrance Certificate, RTC, Occupancy Certificate, etc. are the paperwork that has to be presented before investing in commercial property. Stamp duty while purchasing a shop for sale in Thane also comply with the terms of the lease. It is advisable to talk to the counselor to ensure buying or leasing business premises.

Real estate developer

The key to buying the right equity is the right real estate partner. Apart from the locale and its surroundings, there are many other queries to be cleared before investing. For example, what are the brokerage prices? Are there any other payments to be done? What are the E&O premiums and the desk charges? Ask them to give you the proper names and contact numbers of their previous investors so you can do the due diligence. It is essential that the real estate agent also understands the requirements, objectives, and expectations for the purchase. 

Therefore, good research is a necessity for commercial property in Thane. The more factors an individual looks into, the higher are the chances of finding an ideal space. Keeping all such factors in mind, Puranik presents the best shops for sale in thane Ghodbunder road that fulfill the requirements of investors in the market.

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