A shout out to all millennial home buyers

A shout out to all millennial home buyers

05 Sep 2017

Mumbai has long been the city of dreams and has attracted every person looking for a future for themselves and their loved ones. Romanticised and feted despite its milling crowds, its shrinking open spaces and less-than-ideal infrastructure, Mumbai continues to capture our collective imagination down the ages. Despite all its chaos and problems, the city still functions as a ‘City of Dreams’.

But a rising number of people have been feeling disenchanted with Mumbai and its never ending noise and pollution. Apart from these issues, the city is extremely expensive to live in. This growing discontent forced many millennials to start looking for accommodation outside Mumbai, in a bid to escape its racket and stress. Fortunately for them, they found Thane.

The wonders of Thane – and why you should partake of them, too

Thane was planned by urban town planners as a residential foil to Mumbai. The earliest planning in this direction started in the 1970s, though it received a massive fillip only in the 1990s. Towards the turn of the century, Thane had grown into a well-planned city that was massive in scale and dynamic in operation.

Most of Thane’s early settlers were those who wanted affordable housing outside Mumbai. They were content to live in Thane and commute to Mumbai for work or education, though this arrangement was not viable for long. Besides, there were not many good housing projects in Thane in the early stages of its creation.

Today, the Thane development model is one that other cities in the country would do well to emulate. A peaceful oasis despite being a concretised entity, it strikes the right balance between lush open spaces countering scores of building blocks. Thane underscores all that is best and brightest in this part of the world. Superb living conditions, proximity to all the prominent spots in the city, good public transport and an air of affluence characterise Thane today.

It is no wonder that millennials want to claim a piece of Thane for themselves. There are myriad rental accommodation options, as well as excellent luxury apartments in Thane that are more affordable than their Mumbai counterparts. Thane city also offers proximity to the developing residential hub at Ghodunder, as also areas of commercial interest like Powai, and connectivity to Mumbai’s Western suburbs via Borivali. Besides, the best shopping facilities, educational institutions, offices and general entertainment centres are all present here. Thane is also greener and cleaner than Mumbai, offering a calming living experience. Going by current growth trends, buying an apartment in Thane, especially on the fast developing belt of Ghodbunder Road, is an investment that can pay for itself many times over.

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