4 reasons why your kids should grow up in Pune City

4 reasons why your kids should grow up in Pune City

16 Aug 2017

Pune is a growth-oriented city with ambitions to reach a global level of development. This is conducive to the growth of children as well.

As a parent, you only want the best for your child. Your dearest wish is that your child grows up healthy and responsible, and can someday become a citizen of the world. In the meantime, their education, health, recreation and other aspects are your responsibility. Question is, does the city you live in encourage your child’s development?

If you are looking for a kid-friendly city, we suggest you head to Pune to discover:

1 The nicest homes with every amenity. A child feels safe in an environment they can relate to and understand, and this can happen only when the space is designed for the child’s needs. Fortunately, premier real estate developers have a slew of prestigious residential projects in Pune, and many of them specifically earmark recreational spaces for children, both inside and outside the home. Apart from playgrounds, these projects come with children’s swimming pools, special walkways and even indoor play spaces.

2 Improving public transport. Pune has had the dubious distinction of having some of the messiest public transport systems in the country, but that situation is dramatically improving. Not only are there several well-made roads and bridges now, there is an increased awareness of discipline and responsible driving amongst people. The public transport buses and autorickshaws are also safe to use by children going to school.

3 Good schools and colleges. Not only are there a number of excellent residential projects in Pune, there are also several prestigious educational facilities in the city. Ably supporting the main schools and colleges are a number of crèche and playgroup facilities where parents can drop off their children on the way to work. Many international schools are also present in Pune, and the overall standard of education is quite high.

4 Proper planning and important facilities. In recent years, developers have taken into account Pune’s unique problems – erratic municipal water supply, load shedding, frequent road repair works, etc. – when designing housing units. Thus, the best residential projects in Pune incorporate such elements as rainwater harvesting plants, inverters in each flat, well-laid internal roads, etc. We often don’t realise how important these amenities are for the growth of our children. They help children live comfortably and study in an uninterrupted fashion. Also, since everything the child needs is present inside the gated community itself, there is no need for the child to venture out too far.

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