5 Reasons to Choose a Theme-Based House

5 Reasons to Choose a Theme-Based House

14 Sep 2015

A home speaks for its owner. We mark every inch of our homes with our distinct tastes and preferences. Themed-homes, on the other hand, carry an eccentric personality. This personality becomes a part of our life and influences our lifestyle. It is a unique experience for the residents. Eager to know more about why to opt for a themed-home?


Let's look at these reasons:    


Unique experience

Themed homes carry the hues of a particular culture and exemplify that in the architecture. Such houses bring a unique artistic touch to the table.


Disconnecting from the mundane world:

Such homes feature aesthetic architecture, arty sculptures, ornate ceilings and delicate geometric patterns. Say, for example, a project based on ancient kingdoms in the world such as the Mauryan Empire, Mughal Empire and so on, will carry art patterns of that age. Living amidst them becomes an extraordinary experience! 


Status symbol:

Even though it is an apartment with three bedrooms, a dining hall, a drawing room, a kitchen and balcony, it is very different from other regular architecture. It will have walls, doors and ceilings that have a distinct pattern on them. Themed-homes take you to another world, aspirational and mostly unmatched! To be living in a house that is very different from the other run-of-the-mill apartments, is certainly a distinct status. Your home will surely be a possession you could flaunt among your colleagues, friends and relatives.


Second home: 

Won’t it be amazing if you don’t have to hunt for new places to spend your holidays at?? Well, you are in for another surprise! You won’t find the need to go out for escaping your stress. The relaxation and respite from your worries lie in the premises of your second home. 


Vibrant atmosphere:

There’s nothing like having a European style fountain or archways inspired by ancient civilisations in your premises. It feels like being on a holiday forever!


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