Wish To Survive The Daily Commotion?

Wish To Survive The Daily Commotion?

14 Aug 2015

You are in your car, stuck in a slow moving traffic while the others honk on till your ears are

on the verge of bleeding and head begins to hurt. You want to rush through, but you can't escape the chaos. However, people won’t stop honking, nor will the traffic scene change.  

You just can’t break away from this madness. Not unless you escape this commotion. 

The sad truth is this shall follow tomorrow and the day after and the whole week, but acceptance is hardly a remedy.

One needs to stop and relax to face the everyday struggles of life. And sadly, we're accustomed to the struggles so much we've forgotten how to relax and let go.

The team at Puraniks thoroughly understands this exact issue faced by many working individuals today. Hence, they've come up with a unique range of villas in Lonavala, one of the most serene hill stations in Maharashtra.

Many fancy properties in Lonavala but how often do we put thought as to why we really need it?

At Puraniks's Sayama, you'll find the right reason - you. It's for you and your family's 

wellbeing that you do need a property that helps you relax in every way possible. These three 

bedroom independent villas come with much more than just amenities. Features like the fully 

equipped spa, reflexology path and meditation lawn managed by professionals, are sure to 

make your day less excruciating.

Followed by these spiritual features Puranik's Sayama offers a list of unending leisure amenities such as:

  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis court
  • Barbeque Corner
  • Kids playground
  • Timber Lounge
  • Private Garden
  • Open Air Lounge and more


With spaces for hobby, party and cabana on the terrace and jacuzzi with heat controls in the 

master bedrooms; the villas at Puraniks Sayama are purely crafted for leisure and limitless bliss.

So people can put their daily cacophony behind and live life to the fullest.

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