When Spain comes calling on Pune

When Spain comes calling on Pune

01 Sep 2017

The Spanish are a passionate race of people. They live life with a zesty fervour, and they believe in extracting enjoyment out of every moment. They are warm and full of inner fire, and their zeal for good living and material comforts is well known. You can always pick out a Spanish person from a crowd of strangers – it’s always the good looking one with a spring in their step!

Once you’ve had a taste of Spain, the resulting spell never really leaves you. All you can think of is getting more of that taste, of being enchanted all over again. But now, there is no reason for you to travel to Spain to feel their passion – you can do it right here in Baner, Pune!

Sounds incredible? No, it’s really not. We’re not saying there’s a Spanish film festival in town – though that would be great, too. We’re talking about Puranik Builders’ stunning project in Baner, Puraniks Aldea Espanola. It channelises the fiery spirit of Spain to create a residential project that you would love to be a part of.

What makes Puraniks Aldea Espanola so fantastic? For one thing, it is a gated community that stands over 17 verdant acres of the greenest, most thoughtfully landscaped environs ever. For another thing, it is designed keeping key Spanish principles of natural light and breeze in mind, so each house in the project is well lit and well ventilated all year. For a third, it abounds in such luxurious features as sweeping staircases, sculpted archways and walkways, and intricately designed architecture all over the project.

Then there is the long list of best-in-class amenities that Puraniks Aldea Espanola provides. The project has a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units, and each is equipped with state-of-the-art fittings and fixtures. The house sizes are lavish and each home is designed keeping in mind the owners’ needs.

On the outside, there are such intuitively designed elements as the multipurpose open lawn, an open air exercise space, seating deck, cricket pitch, scented garden with seating alcove, a mini amphitheatre, a palm court with a fountain, swimming pool, clubhouse, large and small swimming pool and a reflexology pathway, among other things.

So if you’re in the mood for a Spanish retreat, why not book yourself a gorgeous house at Puraniks Aldea Espanola?

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