Italian international living standards come to Pune

Italian international living standards come to Pune

02 Aug 2017

It’s time to say, ‘Benvenuto, Pune!’ with this state of the art Italy-inspired residential project in Pune.

The best thing about Italy is its dreamy approach to life. Italians have a huge zest for life and for all its creature comforts. Hence, they love good food, they have the most delectable wines and they celebrate love with passion. It helps that Italy is gorgeous to look at, just like its people. Italians create beauty in everything they do, and especially in the places they inhabit – it helps bring out their artistry a bit more!

So it is rather a good idea to replicate some of Italy’s exuberant approach to life, with a home that personifies you while staying true to Italian charm and vivacity. Does this confuse you? It shouldn’t – Puranik Builders have cracked this puzzle with Puraniks Abitante , a lush Italy-inspired property that brings the essence of Italy right here in Pune.

The word ‘Benvenuto’ means ‘Welcome’ in Italian, and it is spoken when welcoming both strangers and close friends into one’s home and heart. And that one word encapsulates the design ethos of Puraniks Abitante: the project is built over a sprawling 45 acres of lush land that transport you right back to Italy at first glance. Have you ever heard of living in a vineyard? Now you can – the huge property houses a large vineyard, Italian sculptures, landscaped and undulating gardens, and even areas of natural landscape just waiting to be explored. You can unwind by yourself or with friends in the large central plaza, or do your yoga asanas on the banks of a canal created here!

This little pocket of Italy also houses an infinity pool, club house, deck area, stage with lawn, barbecue next to a café, meditation space and also a sports centre. Even more intriguing is the Italian grocery market, where you can get the freshest produce daily.

Puraniks Abitante is located away from the main city, so it guarantees peace and quiet. And when you turn in for the night, the serene silence will lull you into the best sleep of your life. This unique residential project is a true landmark in Pune, and there are no others to beat it in terms of living conditions, design and functionality. Besides, why travel to Italy to get the authentic Italian experience when you can get it right here in Pune?

Isn’t it time to say ‘Benvenuto, Pune’ with Puraniks Abitante?

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