Tokyo Bay - Your Little Piece of Japan, in Thane

Tokyo Bay - Your Little Piece of Japan, in Thane

30 Dec 2016

Welcome to Tokyo Bay, your own piece of Japan. Occupying a prime location in Thane, the project is inspired by the Japanese way of life. Crafted with an arch entry gate, manicured raked gravel, hanging lanterns, wooden tea house, Zen garden and more, Tokyo Bay truly makes you feel like you're in the iconic oriental city.

Here are some of the highlights of Tokyo Bay:

Open Spaces Significant of Japanese Culture - Open space is one of the vital elements of importance in Japanese designs. This is why the project incorporates 1.5 acres of manicured green lawns and gardens. Moreover, in an attempt to bring the five elements of nature closer to you, each garden has been crafted with a specific theme like fire, wind, water, earth, etc.

Well-Planned Apartments For A New & Improved Lifestyle - The 1 & 2 BHK apartments at Tokyo Bay have been meticulously crafted with spacious layouts and interior specifications. The perfect melange of Japanese architecture and Vastu Shastra-based principles make way for a balanced lifestyle. Each apartment also has a courtyard inside that encourages you to connect with nature.

Aesthetic Elements that bring you Inner Peace - The combination of various elements - raked gravel, hanging lanterns, plants, shrubs and more is the perfect setting to find inner peace.

Amenities that Bring You a Balanced Lifestyle - The amenities at Tokyo Bay spell health and happiness for the entire family. The project features a Zen garden, swimming pool, meditation zone and much more, which helps you lead a balanced way of life!

With all these and more, Tokyo Bay offers you an amazing opportunity to enjoy a Japanese-themed lifestyle in Thane. Located away from the noise and chaos of the city, the project is truly a unique destination to call home. For more information on the project, Click Here

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