Around The World, The Puraniks Way

Around The World, The Puraniks Way

28 Oct 2015

With changing times, the lifestyle demands and expectations of discerning home buyers in India has undergone a massive change. Today’s modern day individual has become a global citizen and this has majorly influenced his lifestyle expectations and aspirations. With distances getting shorter, and standards of living improving, the whole world is an oyster for the contemporary netizens. With such a scenario, the growing popularity of international themed homes in India come as no surprise. It’s the new age home buyer’s desire to replicate the same international design philosophy that left him awe-inspired in a recent business trip abroad; or the need to experience the same comforts enjoyed by them in a memorable international holiday that inspires real estate developers to come up with exciting projects 


Puranik Builders, one of the most sought-after real estate developer of the country, has always been a front-runner in creating internationally inspired and acclaimed architectural marvels. Each of its projects draws inspiration from few of the most sought after tourist destinations around the globe. Evolved design philosophy, years of expertise and a commitment to offer only the best has made Puranik Builders a force to reckon with. Bringing international living into the homes of its customers, they take them on an international voyage, without leaving the comforts of their homes.

In this blog, we take you on a sensory tour to few of the most exotic places on the world map, the Puraniks way.

  1. Rumah BaliTaking inspiration from the classy and decadent architecture of Bali, this project is an epitome of a relaxed lifestyle. Staying true to its name "home in Bali" this project perfectly captures the vibrant, soft and warm demeanour of Bali. With designer Balinese landscape by Taib Studio, Singapore and charming Bali accents all around, it brings to your slice of Bali in the bustling suburb of Thane. With features like Orchid gardens, floating club house, Plumeria Court and more Rumah Bali celebrates the beauty of Bali like no other. 
  2. Aldea EspanolaBringing the verve, energy and grandeur of Spain to Pune, Puraniks bring to you Aldea Espanola. It is a Spanish escape that will make you forget that you stay in the most happening part of Baner. Punctuated with ornate archways, cobbled streets and elegant architecture it introduces you to a myriad shades of Spain. Amenities like pool, jacuzzi & pool shower, seating deck & alcove, trellis and more add to the long list of Spanish privileges that you’d enjoy here. 
  3. Aldea AnexoAldea Anexo too takes you on a Spanish sojourn so indulgent that you’ll never get enough of it. Built to embrace the royal, elaborate yet intricate Spanish design understanding, it resonates the soothing aura of Spain. Offering a gorgeous collection of spacious 1 and 2 BHK apartments in the heart of Baner, Pune, it transports you to a world of perfection. 
  4. AbitanteChannelling the elegance of Italy and its stunning architecture, this project blows life into your Italian lifestyle dreams. Italian landscapes to the sculptures, vineyards and even the Grand Canal, Abitante does perfect justice to each of it. Walk through its streets, admiring the cascades of natural beauty and you will be instantly transported to the winding streets of Italy. Abitante’s serene ambience, Italian contours and contemporary comforts will make you fall in love with life, all over again.

For Puranik Builders, high-quality architecture is of prime importance. Known for their innovative streak, each of their projects mentioned above will take you on a world trip without actually living the comfort of your home.

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