Puraniks Sayama: A home amidst the mountains.

Puraniks Sayama: A home amidst the mountains.

14 Jul 2015

Wouldn’t you love to have a home where time pauses, the routine breaks and the body rejuvenates? Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee while gazing out over the mountains, passing clouds and other lush greenery. How about a soothing herbal massage on a Saturday afternoon or a game of water polo with your children on Sunday morning? Won't it make your every day memorable?

The joy is doubled when this home is just a short drive away from Mumbai and Pune. Nestled in the picturesque Lonavala, 3 and 4 BHK villas by Puraniks are sure to sweep you off your feet. With breathtaking views and an attractive range of amenities, Puranik’s Sayama is your own little slice of heaven. It boasts of some of the most contemporary amenities such as plunge pools, Jacuzzis, cabanas, barbeque corners and a fully equipped spa facility. Well, this is just the beginning.

With space, amenities, views and the luxury of good weather, Sayama stands out in every aspect. Tucked amidst mountain ranges, Sayama doesn’t boast of multi-storied buildings. These 3 and 4 BHK villas have been designed in a manner where everyone gets an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Properties in Lonavala have always been a hot catch owing to its great location, serenity and excellent climatic conditions. Located a 1.5 hour drive away from Mumbai and a 45 minute drive away from Pune, Lonavala most certainly is a quick weekend getaway destination. Even with all the development it has been seeing recently, it has still managed to retain its old world charm. The main market place has a host of delectable local goodies. 

So come indulge in your home at Puranik's Sayama, perched on top of the mountains, and witness the romance of nature. 

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